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510.00 €
Batman falling
220.00 €
Tableau gravure Daft Punk XL
320.00 €
Batman mural
220.00 €
Daft Punk
Rhinocéros gris Nardo
240.00 € 216.00 €
Crâne Jok’R
279.00 € 240.00 €

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What people say about our ceramics

I love pottery and I love pretty things that look natural. I ordered some special tableware for my new art studio and I recommend the shop to everyone.


New York

There is so much to say about pottery. It’s not just a hobby; it’s a passion, a craft, a lifestyle. You can feel that it gives you peace and harmony.


Los Angeles

In the world of mass production all these handcrafted and unique things become even more valuable. I used Craftis objects to decorate my kitchen.


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